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Welcome to our Crystal Gumball Lottery, our new take on Mystery Crystal Boxes or Crystal Scoops, where you can enter into the chance of winning beautiful, unique items worth much more than the value of your "ticket"! Don't worry the value of the items you receive will always be at least the amount you spend. Wanna know what might be in your Crystal Capsules?

We have a wide range of items in the draw such as:

Selenite chunks, raw crystals, tumble crystals, crystal chip confetti, crystal cubes, crystal hearts, crystal obelisks, crystal wishing bottles, crystal spheres, crystal geodes, crystal mini double points, crystal mushrooms, crystal carvings, and more! We will be adding more and more items to the list. All of our crystals are natural and unique, so may come with irregularities, which is what makes them perfectly imperfect, just as nature intended.

You have a number of purchase choices:
- 3 gumballs for £10
- 4 gumballs for £12
- 5 gumballs for £13

We attempt to make each order personalised through our crystal collections to aid in your manifestation goals or with a tarot card to let the universe decide what you need.

You can request to have your draw video posted on our Tiktok account for you see: @magicandle

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