Custom Crystal Box - You Pack Your Own Mystery Crystal Box

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Do you wish you could walk around your favourite Etsy shop’s supply and pick all your own items to go into your "Mystery" Box?

Well, we love showing our crystals to the world and our customers, so we decided that rather than launching another Mystery Box of Crystals, we would release a new way to shop in our Etsy store.

Our Custom Crystal Box will entitle you to a video call with either of MagiCandle's own Alexandra or Ryan (or both), where we will showcase our entire range of crystals (some live and some yet-to-be-seen hidden gems) with your selected budget where you can "hand pick" each and every item you get in your very own box. If you're not the video call type of person, that's no problem! The crystals can be selected through pictures over any type of chatting platform you're comfortable with. :)

We will guide you towards stones that will aid in your very own manifestation goals and even let you pick out your very own gumball from our famous Crystal Gumball Lottery if you have one to redeem! If you DO want to make this a full mystery box, that's awesome, too! Our specialty, though, is a 50/50 split where you can pick half of the items filling your box and let us surprise you with the rest of the budget. :D

These are on a very limited basis and come with a longer lead time as we need to ensure we can arrange the best time for the video call and wait for crystals to be delivered.

Just a reminder, each and every crystal will arrive perfectly, imperfect, with their own flaws, just as nature intended.

Extra Small Box = £55.55 store budget
Small Box = £111.11 store budget
Medium Box = £166.66 store budget
Large Box = £222.22 store budget
Extra Large Box = £277.77 store budget
Mighty Box = £333.33 store budget
Giant Box = £444.44 store budget
Humongous Box = £555.55 store budget
Mammoth Box = £833.33 store budget
Colossal Box = £1111.11 store budget