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These unloved crystal bundles need a home! Crystals in each of these bundles didn't pass our inspection and therefore have been collecting dust until enough could be created into these sets. Just because a tower is chipped or the pattern is a little off, that doesn't mean the crystals can't be beautiful and help you manifest everything you deserve. You will receive everything pictured in the bundle you choose. Full description of each bundle is listed below.

Unloved Bundle #1: Pink Wonderland: Pink Opalite Tower, Rhodonite Heart, Pink Amethyst Freeform, Strawberry Quartz Wolf, Rose Quartz: Goddess Body, Elephant, Double Point Pendant, Moon, & Merkaba 

Unloved Bundle #2: Green Dream: Moss Agate Sphere, Ruby in Fuchsite Star Bowl, Fluorite Flame, Ocean Jasper Gusher, Ruby in Zoisite Coaster & Kangaroo, Green Strawberry Wolf, Green Spotted Jasper Mini Double Point

Unloved Bundle #3: Purple Haze: Pink Amethyst w/Amethyst Freeform, Amethyst: Sphere, Flame, Elephant, & Moon, Unicorn Stone Point, Lepidolite Gusher, Ocean Jasper Gusher, Fluorite Tumble, Elk Deer

Unloved Bundle #4: Cool Blues: Azurite & Malachite Specimen, Blue Lace Agate Slice, Sodalite Point & Ram, Blue Spotted Jasper Elk Deer, Blue Opalite Wolf

Unloved Bundle #5: Black & White #1: Black Lace Agate Tapered Point & Freeform, Sphalerite Druzy Point, Rainbow Obsidian Half Raw Teardrop, Rainbow Moonstone Point, Palm Stones: Gold Sheen Obsidian, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Garden Quartz, Zebra Jasper Elk Deer, Black Obsidian & Larvikite Cubes, Snowflake Obsidian Mini Double Point

Unloved Bundle #6: Black & White #2: Golden Sheen Obsidian Freeform, Sphalerite Druzy Point, Rainbow Moonstone Point, Palm Stones: Gold Sheen Obsidian, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Garden Quartz, Druzy Quartz Point, Zebra Jasper Cloud, Dalmatian Jasper Cube, Black Obsidian Kangaroo & Moon

Unloved Bundle #7: Cosmo & Wanda: Ruby in Zoisite Coaster, Pink Amethyst Freeform, Moss Agate Ram, Ocean Jasper Gusher, Rose Quartz: Goddess Body, Tumble, & Rose Gold Plated Butterfly

Unloved Bundle #8: Solar Plexus: Citrine Gem Tree w/Amethyst Cluster Base, Bumblebee Jasper Point, Yellow Jade Ram, Tiger's Eye Elephant & Snowflake, Citrine Dreamcatcher Necklace

Unloved Bundle #9: Feminine Poier: Carnelian Point, Flower Agate Sphere, Rainbow Moonstone Point, Pink Amethyst Freeform, Rose Quartz Goddess Body, Agate Bear, Amethyst Moon

Unloved Bundle #10: Cherry Reds: Carnelian Point, Goldstone: Owl, Sphere, & Moon, Red Jasper: Pendulum, Mushroom & Cubes, Amazonite Rose Pendant, Red Sesame Jasper Rhino

Unloved Bundle #11: Crown Chakra: Clear Quartz: Generator, Gusher, Ram, & Kangaroo, Amethyst Moon & Sphere, Garden Quartz Palm Stone, Rainbow Obsidian Point

Unloved Bundle #12: Sunset Hues: Tiger's Eye Phone Grip & Gusher, Red Tiger's Eye Heart & Angel Wing Keychain, Amazonite Rose Pendant, Ocean Jasper Gusher, Citrine Tumble, Yellow Calcite Tumble

Unloved Bundle #13: Pure White: Moonstone Freeform, Rainbow Obsidian Point & Raw Chunk, Howlite Flame, Clear Quartz: Bear, Dino, Pendulum, & Double Point Pendant, Garden Quartz Teardrop

Unloved Bundle #14: Heart Chakra: Flower Agate Flame & Sphere, Rose Quartz: Mini Flame, Raw Keychain, Tumble, & Phone Grip, Pink Amethyst Freeform, Pink Tourmaline Raw Necklace

Unloved Bundle #15: Deep Reds: Ocean Jasper Sphere, Ocean Jasper Gusher, Red Tiger's Eye Heart, Red Que Sera Bear, Garnet Lotus Necklace & Tumble, Strawberry Quartz Koala,

Unloved Bundle #16: Neutrals: Polychrome Jasper Flame, Ocean Jasper Gusher & Tower, Moonstone Sphere, Smoky Quartz Gusher, Tiger's Eye Phone Grip, Rainforest Jasper Bear, Pyrite Wolf, Peach Moonstone Tumble, Jasper Mushroom

Please note that for some of these crystals, the pattern/coloring is so off that we're using our best judgement to give an indication to what the crystal is!

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