Hemimorphite Hearts

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Our stunning Hemimorphite Hearts are an incredible stone for your throat chakra as they aid in the communication of your feeling, whilst assisting you with your own inner emotions. These hearts will also help promote a strong sense of compassion as the stone of empathy aids you in all of your interactions, helping to detach your ego and facilitate spirtual growth. Which heart is calling to you?

The dimensions are:
1. 71g
2. 74g
3. 76g
4. 91g
5. 93g

All crystals will arrive with their own character and may have flaws due to them being, perfectly, imperfect just as nature intended. Please also note due to the nature of crystals the colour, shape, size and weight may differ slightly due to manual measurements.

Tracked 48 delivery to the UK or International Tracked everywhere else so you know it will arrive safe and sound!